Our Vision

as Contraction Company has vision through the construction business gives the contribution in economic development which high quality result and also creates job opportunities

Our Mission

  1. Conducted company cultural changing that has orientation to quality prime compliance.
  2. Increase the company ability competitiveness with human resources quality by motivated all personnel who getting involved by constantly increasing the expertise, skills, knowledge and training that make ability to response any changing and full fill high product demands quality with high technologies.
  3. To develop company organization more professional that is supported by effective, active, innovative, creative and flexible company management to the changes that occurs.
  4. To give and dedicate the best to customers with priority on schedule, within budget limit, prime quality and satisfaction.

Our Value

Committed to quality and excellent.

Cooperative and to value each result and effort done by colleagues,

partners and customers.

Our Technology

Using high technology software in order to execute the project such as AutoCAD and Program Logic Control (PLC).