We provides a high quality and best services in project procurement expertise, procurement specialists we chose the optimal materials and equipment needs of the project from sources the most competitive in the world to ensure we get the best price, quality and service to our Clients. We get quality products at the lowest cost with the shortest delivery time, have the proper protection of warrantee and after sales best service.

  • Purchase
    Purchases of equipment and project materials not only from vendors or domestic suppliers but also from global sources, on the basis of a fair bidding competition. Through job training in various International projects with access to an extensive database to convince Clients that he has the best instruments and organizations to provide the most comprehensive services procurement projects.
  • Accelerate
    In accelerating, we regularly reviewing vendor documentation and check the status of progress of the fabrication shop to provide equipment and materials in accordance with construction schedules.
  • Quality Control
    All materials and equipment undergo thorough examination and witness activities, corrective actions for non-compliance, and completion of quality records.
  • Logistics
    Control of logistics, including monitoring shipping and transportation, export and import customs clearance, and follow-up delivery of equipment and materials to the jobsite on schedule.