Project Management

The increasing need of our community, global competition has made projects intertwine with other elements in a complicated manner. It is inevitable that projects secured by our company have always been involving various kinds of technology, materials, equipment and engineers.

Our Project Executive Team comprises of managers and engineers who are experienced in handling many project. Their primary task includes basic plan, development, planning & scheduling and cost quality control well organized and managed so that our clients can access information accurately and up-to-date on a real-time basis. With such perfect coordination and orchestration, our Project Management Team will ensure the project in efficient and timely manner.

  • Consultation
    Other than physical operation, we also provide other engineering consulting services such as Feasibility Study, Project Management Planning, Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) and Engineering Studies.
  • Human Resources
    Our manpower from various disciplines are preparing the professionals required for the implementation of projects. Following an extremely competitive selection, we refine them with series of planned trainings until they transform to engineers, designers, supervisors, clerks, secretaries and so on, who meet the required qualifications and the best performance.
  • Maintenance
    Equipped with high standards, we provides efficient and professional maintenance services for industrial plants, from plant diagnosis, repair, spare-parts supply to regular shutdowns for maintenance.